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I hear the rain

I am ready.

I am getting ready to go to bed and in my room I hear the rain pounding outside. I mean, when it rains here, it really rains. I am looking forward showering, landing in bed and unplug under clean crispy sheets. LittleDumbass is so sneaky I didn’t even see him getting into my bed and now he sleeps peacefully. In my bedroom, on the loft, the rain sounds harder and I make a mental calculus of what day it is, and when spring is supposed to arrive, because I am ready to better days, to lighter days.

My math dyslexia slows the process some and realize that it is February, nearly March, and so far the year sucks and I am so ready for a better continuation of the present year. No. I don’t like to be moping around so people feel pity for me. I am not that kind of woman, nor I need sympathy from anyone, but on my way to the shower – plenty of time, I am still calculating in my head- I remember that my horoscope has pretty much fucked up the predictions for the year. Read more


I see you every day from this bench, at the same time, on the same side of the park. You glide to the same spot and you stop, take a few seconds – nostrils opening to the new scents, ears listening to the new birds.

You hold the camera firm but gently, as you capture the renew life through your lenses – and I wonder who is the keeper of your heart.

I am not spring, but nearly winter.

Will you ever see me?

(Picture courtesy of Maria-Mihaela Vass – Thanks darling)