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Posts tagged ‘panic attack’

Lost and (not yet) found

By the time I sit in the car, my eyes are so full with tears that I barely manage to put the key on the starter. I have been holding in all day but now I cant hold it anymore. I cover my face with both hands sobbing and I stay there, what? 1? 2? 10 minutes? I hear people coming to the lot to pick up their cars and then I start driving.

This is the second time today. Read more

testing (not the one you do with a microphone)

It is very simple: if one plays with fire, one may eventually get burn; if one pushes buttons, one will hear music – or whatever.

MissAttitude is an expert on pushing buttons and playing with fire. She is constantly testing me, but it comes with the fact that she is a child and she trying to position herself. I understand that. It sometimes annoys the shit out of me, but I understand – is kind of her job to increase the outcome of gray hair in my head.

Adults that insist on testing don’t get to be so cute. Read more