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One night stand

– Why do they call it a “one night stand”?

He turns his head, turns his body towards her. He sees her in black and white -her body laying there, naked, her nipples still hard with droplets of sweat.

– I mean, why specifically a “one night stand”?

Her lips make a big O while she takes a puff from the cigarette. She made a big O some minutes before, but she didn’t have a cigarette on her mouth. Her lips were red and full, and now the lipstick is all smushed around her lips. So hot… so raw and sexy… he thinks, and he feels he is growing again.

She turns her head and looks at him.

– Why night? Is it a pre-requisite? Does it have to be done at night?

– I think is just an…

– I know it is just an expression, she interrupts, what I wonder, is why is it called a night. Does it imply that can be done only at night? I mean, it is 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and we just…

He takes the cigarette out of her hands, takes a puff. He kills it on the ashtray while he exhales; leans over her and whisper ssshhhh so close to her mouth that she swallows the whisper.

– Let’s make it last until the night, then…




He is twenty something and somewhere in there, he is quite good looking. His blue eyes are an attractive contrast to a hair all ruffled up, a little greasy, brushed – however these guys brush their hair now a days, from a very low line to the other side. Tiredness reflects on his face, matte on his skin and darkness under his eyes.

You may ask what I am looking for, and I can say I am not looking for anything, I am just looking – I am always looking, contemplating, observing and what makes me look is not his looks, his eyes or his hair; not even the dark circles under his eyes or the paleness on his face.

What makes me look, really look, is his serenity. He is a cashier at the supermarket and he seems to mess up most of the things passing on the belt, and even thought the two clients in front of me have scold him, he seems impassible, serene. I think he is smiling inside even I don’t see it, and then I know he is smiling and bubbling inside when he lifts his head to welcome me as his next client and I see this huge hickey on his neck.

I look at him and show teeth; I can avoid it. He looks down and he shows teeth also, and he doesn’t avoid it. The total comes up on the little screen and I pay unable to stop smiling. When he gives me the receipt I look at his neck and blurt I love it. He smiles even wider and whispers I love it too!

I walk away and my mind runs wild wondering how it happened, where, who, how is she (or he). I wonder how that little blood mark could give so much delight, and satisfaction, and most important, I wonder how easy can be to fulfill somebody with a very small gesture.

Young carefree love, one could say…