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licking wounds with happy pills

After you have been at war, no matter if you have won or lost, you will be hit by some kind of depression, or better said, by a feeling of guilt and despair, of uneasiness. For many reasons, you will wonder about what caused this war in the first place; you will wonder about who you were before and after this battle, and even more how this battle affected the people you have around.

Take for example the king Dutugamunu, who did not shoot a single shot in the war, but went in to a depressive type of reaction soon after the Wijithapura battle; he got really fucked in the head for some time, but the king’s emotional worries were soon after healed by a monk. Read more


You are drowning.

The last thing your eyes see is her, down on her knees, palms against the bubble, crying -her lips mocking a constant


You are drowning.

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do something

The stench coming out of the monsters mouth is not nearly as strong as the fear petrifying your body. His breath is so repulsive that could knock you unconscious, but you are so scared to move, that you rather embrace the grossness of it before even blinking. You feel him behind you, breathing the stunge right next to you ear, salivating disgusting fluids, scratching your shoulders with his yellow teeth. When his paws approach your neck, you feel his nails cutting through the flesh of your throat before even touching you, the blood flowing down your chest before even cutting you.

You are terrified to death. Read more