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can you see?


Therapy is a wonderful thing – no matter which one.

One of mine, when at work, is to take my heels off and get my fingers as filthy as possible with my markers, fill pages and pages on my a3 blocks with raw creativity, drawings, words, numbers, cut & paste… Everything that allows me to put on a tangible level what l have inside.

Today l wanted -needed to play with pictures and text, and this picture came among a thousand and made a profound impression on me.

Here is why:

Last night l didn’t slept more then 37 minutes; a lot of negative feelings lay around my head and this morning the day felt as miserable as myself: foggy, sad and grey.

But the greyness of the night led to a new day, to a new conversation, to new time of “therapy”. Suddenly, the view of my office changed: the sky opened up and the sun, timidly, began to stretch its arms. Suddenly, also, the mood changed.

This picture, this trunk: the veins, the rings, the “deformations”, no one milimeter like another; different shades, textures, forms….

This trunk did remain me the different experiences a person goes through life, good ones and bad ones. Experiences that shape us into the kind of humans we are.

– And in between the pressure for every ring trying to fit in… A new experience, green, soft, happy… ready to come out and be enjoyed.

I always say that life is about making choices.

So why not? Why not smile, feel the green and feel the sun. Be open the the possibility of a new experience, a new chance.

l choose extend my arms and open my mind and my heart to a new possibility… How this one will mark my trunk? that l am not able answer… but l am full of thrill.

Needless to say, I am exhausted by now, my hands are ridiculously colourful – seems like my face too, and, at least for today, l got my peace back.

See my pearlies… l smile