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if it itches, don´t scratch

They say all things – good and bad ones – come in three.

… l am waiting for the third one.

She is looking at me from the inside her bubble. She is standing there holding a tube of glue, her hands and her fingers completey cover with the sticky stuff. She has been working for some time now hard enopugh to put the bubble together but she is not finished yet. The bubble is not still all round and smooth; it still has plenty of tape and glue all over. Seems like a constant work in progress.

l know – she knows – it takes time and patience.

And love, of course.

l can´t figure out if she is angry or she is upset – the surface of the bubble is still too rough and her face looks distorted, unreadable. She is very serious, though – I am serious too; l am not sure what am l supoposed to do with this. After 2 dreams and 13 nightmares – or was it 13 dreams and 2 nightmares? – we are both tired.

We all have ghosts that haunt us from time to time

At the end l figure it out:

if something itches, don´t scratch.

Better that way.