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Posts tagged ‘fear’

Take a ride?

You look at it, tall, twisted, scary and you think: I am not going to make it, but you have seen others going up, ride it, and go down, and they made it. So you think you are going to make it or at least,  you should try so you will know if you will make it or not.

I hate roller coasters.

Life is certainly a roller coaster, the cliché says, and either you can scream every time you hit a bump or throw your hands in the air and enjoy it, says also the cliché. that shit ain´t that easy, I say.

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developing negatives

Negatives and pictures.

What we are and what we show the world?

When we are one negatives – and we only negatives, vs. when we are one negatives who needs to develop into two pictures. The process of developing in a darkroom –  delicate and complicated. Do we have complete guarantee that the picture will match the negatives, or at least their expectation?

Negatives and pictures.

Do we really understand the process? Are we strong enough to risk the pureness of a negative to develop it into a timeless picture?