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my joint tastes blood

I have a guardian angel that protects
me and takes care of me.

And I hate it with passion.

In fact, this is the thing I hate the most in my life. I hate that this angel is in heaven, taking care of me, protecting me, being the voice of my conscience. I hate that he has become an angel and despite he is a constant on my being, I can’t touch him, kiss him, yell at him, party with him, cry with him…

I hate that this angel is my brother. Read more


© the talented Riccardo Traverso

He has misplaced his faith -she had enough faith for both of them, but he believes this is the only place he can get an explanation of why He robbed her from him. Anger and devastation, he misses her. He dreams the afterlife where she is now, must be something like this place, and the little misplaced faith remained helps him to dream their encounter.

In the meantime, he waits.