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I know I am pretty damn compulsive -I have been all my life despite I chilled out much after I got kids. I got no other choice, really, but still I find myself going nuts if I see mess around me.

So when the dryer machine starts making noises, I put on my Bob the Builder and I nearly put the house on fire, I find my laundry room looking like a fucking gypsy camp doing a yard sale. And when the new machine is in place (and l swear it smiles to me when I turn it on) my inner peace is restored again.

Was it legal, I would marry my dryer.

Later on at night, I come to think how important is to have convenience in my life; more than important, necessary. My life is so incredibly hectic that don’t know how I would manage without my appliances and/or my gadgets. I am sure I would manage, because they did manage before and they managed fines, so wound’t I?

A 3 year old told her mom, a co-worker: “hours are shorter now than before”. My colleague told her no, that an hour is an hour; that sixty minutes are sixty minutes before and now. “You always say that you have less time now, and that you did get more things done before” answer the kid.

I know an hour is an hour, but l get the kid’s point. I used to go to the beach with a bottle of water, a pack of cigarettes and a towel. Now, my logistic strategies to get out of the house with all the necessary shit for the kids would get me a job in NASA. So why it feels like that? Does life get that complicated with time or we make it more complicated? How (I know I would but how) I would manage without all the things which make my life more convenient? Things make life more convenient, but for what? to have more time? Because I keep running short of time no matter what…

Solution may lay on my own child labour (eventually husband), but I am not all that sure that is a correct to say aloud…