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lesson of the week

This week my back hurts like hell. It is not because I haven’t been training hard -honestly I haven’t been training at all, or because of special acrobatics with Attention Whore or even because I got my period and I am bleeding like a stuck pig.

My pack is in pain because Monday I was stabbed hard, unexpectedly, but not with a knife, at least not a physical one, even it felt like it, or maybe not, maybe worst, because I have never beeb stabbed with a real knife so I know how that feels like for real…

The point is, this week I tasted what backstabbing tastes like, and is not a good taste, but bitter, painful and unfair. This week I figured out who is who around me, who has proved to be a good colleague and who I need to watch out for and who I can appreciate the support I got. This week I figured out also who I am, my worth, my contributions, what I am made of – and i concluded I am pretty proud of myself and of what I do. I got to get a sudden outlook of what is important in my professional life -not that I didn’t get it before, because I got it many times- but this time I was forced to get it from a different angle.

So despite the whole situation exploded relatively silently, I am still screaming in my head. Despite nobody can see bruises on my back, there is still smell of iodine around my desk.

Friday now.