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beam me up, Lisa…

I often find Lisa sitting on top of the Apple Time Capsule, this automatic wireless backup I have at home for the Mac. She likes to lay her butt there because is nice and warm. I would also like to keep my ass warm there, but I don’t think my boss would appreciate me coming with a broken Time Capsule – our body weight is just different by a couple of kilos considerably different – and then I would have to come up with some lame excuse and you know… I literally suck at telling lies.

So I wonder if Lisa knows is a time machine she is sitting on, and maybe she knows and what she wants is actually to go back in time or something.

But in case she does, where would she like to go? To the Animal Shelter?

When we rescue her, she was living with a sister with some stomach problems that kept shitting herself constantly on Lisa. I know the feeling, and it ain’t a good feeling, so I doubt she would like to go back to that (I know I wouldn’t)

MissAttitude asks sometimes if Lisa misses her mommy. I think about it and I wonder that if she does – and maybe  she wants to back up to the time she had her mother next to her. I want to have my mother next to me also, or even better, I want to go to my mom, just because she lives in Barcelona and with the kind of shitty weather we are having lately, I would also like to back up and go to a warmer  climate.

So! Beam me up, Lisa! Lets pick up your mommy and get the hell out!

PS: and you? where would you like to go, on a time machine?