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Bingo, resolutions and kryptonite

New Years Resolutions are all about improving, changing, transforming – usually for the best. Since my teenage years I figure, as probably most of the feminine part of the planet, I have had the same New Years Resolution:

Be tall and thin.

Problem is, I am not taller that Sponge Bob, and I am 42 and that is not going to change, so yes! reality is a bitch, and since I have milked my boobs for more than 2 years – so is gravity. Read more

first and foremost, a MOTHER

I know he is looking at me from the other side of the room, I should say, observing. I am kneeling on the floor, where LittleDumbass is having a full blown tantrum in the middle of MissAttitude’s birthday party – after all, is not easy being the only boy surrounded by 20 Beyonce’s wannabes.

He wants more soda; he knows soda is a special treat and he had enough and he ain’t getting more, so if he is thirsty, he is getting water. He throws himself on the floor and starts screaming. Read more