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Take a ride?

You look at it, tall, twisted, scary and you think: I am not going to make it, but you have seen others going up, ride it, and go down, and they made it. So you think you are going to make it or at least,  you should try so you will know if you will make it or not.

I hate roller coasters.

Life is certainly a roller coaster, the cliché says, and either you can scream every time you hit a bump or throw your hands in the air and enjoy it, says also the cliché. that shit ain´t that easy, I say.

Despite you see other people up, ride and down, it is you who´s going to sit your ass on that seat, buckled up, pray to God that that the thing has been properly serviced and eventually, take responsibility, because nobody put you there in first place, but yourself. At some point you to look forward to the ride, and then you begin slowly to ride up, with all those click-click-click-clack-clack-click-clack-clack and you convince yourself that it will be ok, that you have control of the situation, that your belongings lay safe on your pockets, and before you finish that last breath of denial self-convincing, the last “clack” throws you down, full of fury, determined and unexpected.

You are fucked.

Nothing matters anymore when you fly down and you are being tossed and turned, left and right -and you have lost already all control, and the only thing you want to do is to throw up, because you throw up when you are done, and the only thing you really, really want is to be done. And never do it again.

But you are not done -far from it. The roller coaster is expensive and one bump is not enough to cover it, so to make your money worth, you need to make a couple more loops, and you know -you actually don´t know shit at this very moment, that some loops will be easy and some some will be wild. You know that either way they have a beginning and they have an end.

What it is a reality, and you should know for sure, is that if you get your ass on that seat, you won´t be able to avoid riding the beast.

You only have to decide to either buy the ticket of not.

I hate roller coasters.

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  1. Tom G. #

    Hang on tight! Just don’t close your eyes, it only makes it worse.

    April 3, 2012
  2. dufmanno #

    Wait! What coaster are we on?! Space Mountain? The Rebel Yell?! The Beast?? Rock & Roll Rollercoaster? This matters as the initial take off speed and anticipation of the loops varies greatly. Space Mountain is like a trip through the inky black unknown, The Beast tears the flesh from your face and the Rock & Roll Rollercoaster leaves no second for anticipation as it propels you right out of the starting gate at 60 mph right into the loop first thing. Wait, did I ruin the surprise?
    Can you tell I love rollercoasters?

    April 3, 2012
    • I am shit scared of roller coasters, Duf; the ones on amusement parks and the ones life puts us through…

      April 11, 2012
  3. the main difference between the life rollercoster and the other is that a) the life one changes every time you go round and b) the life one has some turns that -rather than make you want to throw up and cut out your insides- it can make you cry with sheer joy.

    that’s why you get back on the seat… the good rides are worth putting up with all the scary ones. hang in there

    April 3, 2012
    • I tell you what, Angelica… As I would never get into a roller coaster from an amusement park, I know I must get my ass on the “real life” one… Shit…

      April 11, 2012

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