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Sunny and Saturday (day 6)

5 sucks. I will be having some animosity towards that number for a while, o at least, until one next number give me the shit 5 gave me yesterday.  Day 5 has been by far the worst day. Mom said that thing about the good days and the bad days, and I said yada, yada, yada, and shit I should had been more prepared.

I wasn’t and day 5 was a horrible day, and sadly it wasn’t shitty not only for me. But today is day 6, and so far, I have a vague good feeling about today. Here goes the reasons so far:

1- I slept, for at least 4 hours. Yes, I cheated, but I have cheated for some days and I was a mess the day after. I am ok, today.

2- I didn’t puke last night. Hell no I am not pregnant, but fucking stress makes marine knots on my stomach and even if there is nothing there, I have to do the damn gagging.

3- I woke up to a beautiful fog, what means that today it will be sunny, and sun does the magic the sun has, and I as I write I see a blue sky and considering we are in Bergen… Point is, I am having breakfast with my sunglasses on.

4- I got to resolve some issues, somehow I am not sure if I should say resolve -I got mixed feelings about it but after a cup of coffee, I seemed to have slightly more peace inside. It can be the sun, also.

5- it´s sunny and it´s Saturday.

7- I am glad to be compulsive enough to have the things the make me happy completely charged. I am planning to discharge them all.

8- it´s sunny and it´s Saturday.

(Play it LOUD!)

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  1. Tom G. #

    There is nothing like the sun to lift a person’s spirits. I hope the fog of sorrow lifts from your heart as well.

    March 24, 2012
    • thnx tom. You are absolutely right about the effect of the sun. For today the fog has lifted, and it feels good. Plus, a child-free night makes things even better!

      March 24, 2012
  2. MT #

    Marieklem din veg med varme solstrålar i.

    March 24, 2012
  3. Vinita #

    I’ve been following your page since a long while now. When you said Bergen did you mean Bergen County in NJ?

    I moved to NJ last Aug and live in Bergen too 🙂


    March 24, 2012
    • Hi Vinita, welcome here :))
      no, unfortunately I mean Bergen in Norway. I actually was once in Bergen County, but really the same than here. 😛

      March 24, 2012
  4. Lorelai #

    7 is the lucky number…. Not 8… but 9 ! Good and bad days, yes… 😉 It also seems brighter going forward…

    March 26, 2012
    • will see, Lorelai, ALL of them should be better than the previous one, but…
      At least today is sunny, and l feel the spring filling me up.

      March 26, 2012

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