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I know I am pretty damn compulsive -I have been all my life despite I chilled out much after I got kids. I got no other choice, really, but still I find myself going nuts if I see mess around me.

So when the dryer machine starts making noises, I put on my Bob the Builder and I nearly put the house on fire, I find my laundry room looking like a fucking gypsy camp doing a yard sale. And when the new machine is in place (and l swear it smiles to me when I turn it on) my inner peace is restored again.

Was it legal, I would marry my dryer.

Later on at night, I come to think how important is to have convenience in my life; more than important, necessary. My life is so incredibly hectic that don’t know how I would manage without my appliances and/or my gadgets. I am sure I would manage, because they did manage before and they managed fines, so wound’t I?

A 3 year old told her mom, a co-worker: “hours are shorter now than before”. My colleague told her no, that an hour is an hour; that sixty minutes are sixty minutes before and now. “You always say that you have less time now, and that you did get more things done before” answer the kid.

I know an hour is an hour, but l get the kid’s point. I used to go to the beach with a bottle of water, a pack of cigarettes and a towel. Now, my logistic strategies to get out of the house with all the necessary shit for the kids would get me a job in NASA. So why it feels like that? Does life get that complicated with time or we make it more complicated? How (I know I would but how) I would manage without all the things which make my life more convenient? Things make life more convenient, but for what? to have more time? Because I keep running short of time no matter what…

Solution may lay on my own child labour (eventually husband), but I am not all that sure that is a correct to say aloud…

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  1. the media becomes the message, Silvia – simpler solutions are possible if one chooses to carry less.


    November 25, 2011
    • Sometimes is not possible to carry less, K; sometimes things (or people) can´t just disappear and they need to be dealt with…

      November 28, 2011
  2. i just feel life zipping past me in way too much a hurry…. and yeah, motherhood should be one of the requirements for joining NASA, or running a government really

    November 26, 2011
  3. MT #

    Det er lov å seie høgt Silvia.. er ein viktig del av barneoppdragelsen det, det å lære sine barn,ev.husbond,at alle kan bidra med sitt for å “å dra lasse” saman:)

    Det kan kjennast ut som om timane er kortare enn før.Kanskje er det vi som er meir stressa inn i oss….kanskje er det slik at vi ikkje greier vere “her og no”,i øyeblikket…kanskje er det det vi bør trene oss på,late att augene å puste inn,ut, Innta stilla.i korte intervaller.

    Som småbarnsmamma er det mangt og mykje ein berre måååå få unna for at dagen og veka skal gå ihop.Borna veks opp og flyttar ut.
    Som mor til vaksne,datter,bestemor,svigermor,veninne,ex.kone etc ,er det òg mangt og mykje ein kjenner på som ein/eg ikkje rekk,
    “Tida ho renn som elv mot os”;skreiv anders hovden
    Eg tenkjer at det er berre eg som kan ta att tida.Det handlar om mi haldning.Eg kan ikkje rekke alt.Eg må finne balansen. Ikkje lett.

    God,avslappandes første søndagi advent 🙂

    (sorry for norsk svar)

    November 27, 2011
    • Problemet, Marie, er at jeg MÅ rekke alt -jeg blir så fustruert hvis jeg passer ikke på alt *her og nå*. Og jeg synes uansett at hadde jeg mer til, skulle ville “mer” til slutt… Sån er jeg – jeg må innrømme at jeg liker den “rush” uansett.

      Første søndag i advent var veldig rolig, og helt fantastisk 🙂

      Suss go klem, M

      November 28, 2011
  4. Tom G. #

    I think about this often. For all the technology, and “conveniences” in our lives, we do not use the time we save to relax but to be more “productive”. The result is we have less mental down time for repetitive tasks, and instead we fill ourselves with more activity and distractions. (TV, Internet, Twitter, etc…) The result is our brains are constantly flitting like bee’s from one flower to the next.

    If we had less time saving gadgets, we’d spend a lot more time doing mundane tasks which would paradoxically relax our brains and give us time to let our thoughts wander. This is why all my guy friends talk about how much they like mowing the lawn in the summer, because for one hour all they have to think is “straight lines, straight lines, straight lines, straight lines” and when they are done they can look out at actually see the fruit of their labor in the increased order of the world around them. In my work life I can go months, if not years and never see my work bring any order to the world around me.

    I imagine your laundry room has the same effect on you.

    December 2, 2011
    • I couldn’t put it better… Actually, clean the house is such a powerful way for me to set up my inner troubles to rest…
      But don’t tell anybody!
      he he he

      December 2, 2011

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