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Chosen family

They say that you can choose your friends, not your family -but when I lay down in bed on 17th of May, I realize that I have another family, and this one I have chosen myself.

17th of May is Independence day in Norway, a day where tradition in in order -wearing the traditional bunad, go on parades, eat and drink traditional foods- but most important, you celebrate this day with family.

Because family carries the main traditions.

I am not wearing a bunad, but I managed to fit on my Nicole Miller, and since it has been some years, that is reason enough to celebrate. The kids are all dressed up and so is Arthur.  No, we are not going to a parade, we are not going to sing Norwegian songs, and even the less we are not going to eat Norwegian foods.

Far from it.

We are on our way to Austevoll, a.k.a. Planet Austevoll because you need to drive some, take a ferry and drive some more. In Planet Austevoll lives Carmen Alicia, a.k.a. La Marquesa, because… Well.. No need to explain. La Marquesa has a birthday today, of all days, so that is the real reason I want to celebrate 17th of May.

Carmen Alicia is from Venezuela, Carmem Gloria from Chile, Cecilia from Peru, Clara from Valencia, Montse and Maria Jose from Madrid, Beatriz from La Mancha, Vicky from Colombia, Vero y Lizlot from Mexico, Laetitia from France and I from Barcelona. Not all the girls are coming today, but the ones coming are taking a stand on family -and spending this day with their new family.

Food and drinks flow all day, happy Latin music, gossip, constant movement, noise… and what strike me the most is the laughter. With this people laughing is the natural state; constantly. We all seem to get loose, and despite I work all day making sure Carmen Alicia has a great day, I feel extremely happy.

On what it seemed the longest way back, crankiness explodes on the back seat and PMS on the front, but despite all, when I get in the shower and I begin to chill, I feel at peace. This girls have become my family, a family no one imposed to me but I family I embrace completely. There is always something going and I am looking forward to every single moment of it, and let me tell you, we are all about to rock one or two towns together…

So this 17th May was about traditions after all. Not exactly the Norwegian ones, but our own one… Because, of course, not all families are the same nor they have same traditions.

I love my new family. I love my girls.

La Marquesa, Silvia and Cecilia

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  1. MT #

    Sååå koselig og fint å lese. Tradisjonar er viktige å bære med seg,men òg viktig å skape nye,gode.Å feire vennskap og nye,sterke band er verdt å rope Hurra for !

    Fine er dokke alle tre 🙂

    God ,sterk klem frå meg !

    May 21, 2011
    • Tusen takk, Marie. Disse venner må si jeg gleder meg til vanvittig 😀
      Stor klem til deg også 🙂

      May 21, 2011
  2. La Marquesa #

    Amiga!!!!! que belleza de post… he llorado muchooo, pero de alegria y de emosión!!! que bello, me gusto muuucho!!1 gracias por tan lindos comentarios, yo te quiero muchoooo y me siento feliz de ser parte de tu familia!!!! .. cuanod uno esta tan lejos… solo las amigas como tu y las chicas, nos hacen sentir, tan bien, tan juntas, tan alegres, tan en familia…!!! GRACIAS!!!

    La Marquesa!!!!:)

    May 23, 2011
    • Mi Marquesa…
      Te quiero (os quiero) tanto…
      Un besazo de (recientemente bautuzada) “La Manuela”

      May 26, 2011
  3. Stor klem til deg også

    June 10, 2011

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