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Risk of an electric shock

The electrical shock won’t kill me, but it was strong enough to knock me out. I sit on a chair and I lick my finger as I wait until my heart palpitations slow down and I think about what was I did wrong, because most likely I did something wrong.

Despite I consider myself handy all around, I never seem to be able to come to terms with electricity. I mean, I am able to handle everything I put my mind on, able to do it right and able to get pride of it, but when it comes to electrical matters…

Do I really suck that much?

From the bathroom I overhear a conversation on a TV show between two lovers, discussing how they felt sparks when they met and how they felt their hearts pumping and bla, bla, bla, and I cant help wondering that if in relationships one needs to keep electrocuting one self in order to keep the lights on continuously.

I admit it: I have been shocked a couple of times, and have felt the sparks, and the heart pumping and the bla, bla bla, and those times I ended up licking my burnt finger with an unpleasant metal taste in my mouth. As I result, I have become a coward when it comes to electricity, and so far I have avoid it as much as possible. In my opinion, if you suck at it, and you know it -and you come to terms with it, you have several alternatives:

You can simply call the electricians, watch as they work, comment mentally on their racks and host them some coffee. Basically, just watch the others in action, and participate just by paying the bill.

You can also jump head on straight on the electrical outlet, and pray for the best. Don’t give up, and conquer above all. Don’t mind on the outcome of it, fearless, ready to die. And if you do, how many times do you want to go to the ER to recover? (because eventually, you will be electrocuted)

Another alternative, when in doubt, is to do a mental check, load yourself with Aspirin, cut the main power and just do the job as careful as possible. But if you do, do you miss some of the fun of being careless? Is is possible to engage fully in a relationship when you are so afraid? How much careful is too much careful?

My heart has return to its normal beat count, and I try to figure out what I should want to do next. The bathroom is a mess and full of tools, so I should “clean” up first. I know I have no desire whatsoever to touch those dammed cables right now, but I know also, because I know myself, that I won’t call the electrician.

I go down to the laundry room and I turn off all the electrical power.

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