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A chihuahua with a bomber jacket

“In 5 or 10 years, I will be looking like that.”

AttentionWhore points to the front of the buss, where a black Sharp Pei stands serious and concentrated next to his owner. He is all cute and wrinkled but it strikes me that he has more of a human expression than an animal one, more representative of what he is.

“Look at his expression… Like he is a real person ridding the buss” Arthur smiles – he takes the buss everyday, and he knows what I mean.

“I have to tell you something really funny” I smile back at him while he turns towards me and he gets all excited. Amazing the man enjoys my stories like he does, and even they are mostly crap, he loves to hear me babbling…

I go down to the mall with LittleDumbass Luca and as always, we need to make a stop by the pet store. Right on the door I see three teenagers buying some animal bling-bling, one holding a long hair Chihuahua wearing a bomber jacket, fur hat included.

“Look!” I tell Luca. “Look the little Chihuahua!” I need to really point for him to see. He frowns, checks out the girls, checks the dog again and asks the girls holding the dog:

“Is that a toy!?”

“No! It is not a toy, Luca, is a dog!” He gives another round of looks completely confused, like… what? The girl holding the dog leans over full of motherly pride, gently, and brings the dog closer to him.

“Do you want to clap him?” Luca shrugs his shoulders and turns sideways, disgust on his face like “I ain’t touching “that”…

The girl thinks that Luca’s apprehension resides on fear, so she decides to put the Chihuahua on the floor, so maybe Luca will be more confident to pet him. Despite the bomber jacket, the dog begins to shiver the second his paws touch the floor, freezing cold, and he moves around, I believe praying either to be picked up immediately or to drop death right there on the spot.

“IT MOVES!!! MAMA, IT MOVES!!!” Now Luca is full attention, pointing at the dog and pulling my jacket and the girl’s sweater at the same time.

“It is a robot!! And it moves!!… oh! man…that is soooo cool!!”

Luca grabs the dog’s tail, because, mama, the dog is a toy; the dog freaks out with Luca’s excitement, the girl grabs the dog by the jacket, Luca pulls the tail harder, because bitch, you told me that I could pet the fucking toy, and I that I that begin to retreat in apologies…

And on the way to the car, with a screaming child full of frustration, I wonder if we have lost faith on our fellow humans and we need to in fact “humanize” animals. Why do we do that? Playing dolls with animals? Are kids growing up too fast, jumping to puberty, being adults sooner and sooner and therefore missing normal children’s playtime?

Are we stealing their time somehow?

I am not sure if AttentionWhore will look like the humanized Sharp Pei in 5 or 10 years, I don’t think so, but I am not sure anyway, because the man loves his fat, his cigarettes and to drink his beer with two hands. What I am pretty sure, though, is that he didn’t need to stuff any freezing-to-death dog in a bomber jacket when he was growing up, on the contrary, having one in hand, he would probably had use as a bait for fishing.

I have to admit that Rocco, our midget hamster, has been Steven Mcqueen on one of Luca’s radio control car; Cinderella on a chariot pulled by horses, and a patient on the Pet-Shop Day Hospital – all that, of course, with respective outfits for every occasion and pretty much against his will (I think). I admit it but I am not proud.

I just hope I manage to slow the time machine as much as possible for Luca and Sima, so the kids can be, for as long as they need, kids.

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  1. Arthur Park #

    Hehe, You don’t babbel at all, you tell stories with your whole body, you make faces, and I can picture the live situation.

    Our kids live polstered lives, and we polster our dogs even. We are not allowed to climb trees because we may fall down and hurt ourselves. Yes, they grow up to be different species, and they do it fast. They are multitasking, doing more than one thing at a time, and ADHD is said to be the normal state in a generation or two, knowledge disappears, but you have to know where to find the information, and it will be forgotten in an instant after it’s used.

    Now I am babbeling, outside the topic. Slow them down. Make them grow up slowly, and let them climb trees and let them be allowed to fall down. Give them a band aid.

    February 23, 2011
    • You are absolutely right on how we raise the kids now a days. l remember, when l rode my bicycle with flip-flops and swam in the ocean trusting my lungs just to keep me afloat (when l still didnt know how to swim)

      One thing l am “happy” about, is that l probably spend more time in the ER healing wounds with these two that at the normal day doctor.

      February 24, 2011
  2. I don’t get it either. But it is probably more of a status symbol than anything else. I consider it to be animal cruelty. But I consider dressing children in itchy frilly material to be child abuse so what do I know? Lol

    February 24, 2011
  3. Hans #

    Arrgh! Love your “toy” angle! Keep on barking:€

    February 27, 2011
  4. My daughter, at age 14, could often be found in a large tree in our backyard……she didn’t even have her cell phone up there with her. I wonder, am I not paranoid enough? But then I see her brilliant smile and feel like she is doing exactly what I did as a child. Climbing closer to the sun!

    Dressing dogs is indicative, I think, of our lack of respect for our place in the world. We act as old Roman rulers…..the entire world and all of it’s contents at our disposal. We disgust me in this lust for domination.

    March 3, 2011
  5. *hides argyle sweaters i just bought for my pugs* yes, this dress-up business is sillly nonsense. and i want that sharp pei. i promise not to dress him up. except maybe at the holidays. ; )

    March 3, 2011
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