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– What?

– Nothing.

– (…) What is wrong?

– Nothing!

He knows that that nothing is far from nothing. He wraps his towel around his waist, his shoulders still wet. He tilts his head looking for her gaze, but her gaze he knows he is not going to find, because when she says that not-making-eye-contact nothing! with an exclamation mark – he knows there is going to be a long night.

She never makes eyes contact when she is upset. Maybe because she is so upset she knows she will hate him if she looks at him, at is “pretended” innocence.

– Why are you angry?

But before he finish the question his eyes travel to the side of the bed and see his mobile lighted up.

– Somebody called?

She keeps fidgeting with the ring in her middle finger, like she always does when she is so full of anger and she needs to channel that anger through her fingers.

– answer me; somebody called?

But since he knows he wont get an answer, he picks up the phone to checks for incoming calls. The screen lights up, but not the the calls screen, but to an MMS showing an upper body picture, cropped from the top by a pair of shut eyes surrounded by blue eye shadow, semi-open red lips liking a finger, and cropped from the bottom to a pair of naked pierced nipples. Under the picture, states an invitation:

“To see you again after all these years… I never forgot your smell and how my body felt with you. You seemed to remember also…” Wanna meet for a “coffee” again?”

– you never told me you did see her.

Now she is piercing him with her eyes. He knows there is no escape, or maybe there is an escape is he knows how to play his cards – the cards he knows work on her. He decides to try.

– honey…

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  1. Arthur Park #

    I refuse to click “like” on this one. What a horrible situation.

    What makes the text really good, though, is the probability of it, this actually could have happened to anyone. A whole lot of couples can relate to this, both sexes.

    Hell, I’ll press “Like” anyway, honey.

    November 25, 2010
  2. Fortunately for me my husband usually gets pictures from one of our close male friends like looking down at his pants around his ankles while *sitting* on the toilet.

    We’re classy like that.

    November 26, 2010
  3. Unfortunately for me, I received a full out cock shot from the stalker, who managed to get my fucking cell number from the idiot who works for me. Haven’t told He Who Loves All Things Wicked about that yet. Not quite sure how to casually mention, hey honey, guy who is stalking me also sent me a mms of his cock…..but hey, it was far less than impressive. Bleh! Also, it wasn’t pierced.

    November 27, 2010
    • UFF… That sound really, really fucked up… and more when they come from a “stalker”. You gotta be careful, Shawn… there are so many fucking perverts out there… ;(

      November 29, 2010
  4. dufmanno #

    I just got home from NY and visiting a lifelong friend who had a nearly identical situation befall her while her husband showered and her kids were eating breakfast in front of her. His phone kept on vibrating and she picked it up only to see the messages right there in bold glowing horror while trying to hide the mask of rage from the children.
    Thankfully this happened a year and a half ago and she got herself a viper of a divorce lawyer and a forensic accountant with the cold dead heart of the Terminator and she wiped the floor with his ass. I am happy to say that she sits comfortably in a beautiful mansion with all their assets, their kids and his dignity nailed to the front door with a rusty nail.
    Oh, and Shawn? I think I need to get to Kentucky with my axe.

    November 30, 2010
    • Arthur Park #

      I have a heart for all the cheaters in this world, not all of them are bad women or men.


      November 30, 2010
      • Uuuuhhhh… I think you are stepping on a minefield, Arthur.
        I dont mean to judge them on what they are, but on what they do.
        I truly believe that people that cheat are incredibly selfish, because they are very concious about the pain they cause to those ones that trust them (their spouses). I am on the firm believe that, when one is unhappy, one tries, and if it doesnt work, or one doesnt want to try, one leaves. Cheating is a dirty, selfish and unfair scape.
        I am not sorry to say, but I dont have a heart, at all, for none of them.

        November 30, 2010
        • Arthur Park #

          You have the person, and you have the act of cheating – and still, some people who are cheating, are good people even if they act stupid.

          There are loads of different reasons for why one chooses to cheat, and of course, a whole load is just “oppurtunity”, like dogs lick themselves between the legs because they are able to.

          The worst kind of cheating, is maybe when it includes what we call “love” – or “temporary madness” instead. It just has to blow off, or not. If it blows off, then the act of “forgiveness” applies – and that is hard work.

          Who the f*** goes through life like a moral rock all the time? Who doesn’t during a marriage – meer someone that is a potential lifechanger – an people are people, no matter what – excluding all you superwomen of course, whom in matters of love and sex always behave yourselves like proper, decent, and morally superladies.

          December 1, 2010
          • I agree that the “once a cheater, always a cheater” doesnt apply always, and that there is people that may make a mistake once and never do it again. I agree.

            I agree also, on how you put it – people cheating as 1) opportunity (and these ones will repeat it regardless) and 2) the “temporary madness” how you put it – when one may fall in love with somebody else.

            But I agree with Shawn, when your heart tilts towards the outside of the relationship, the best is just to cut off and start new… People will get hurt regardless!!

            “Who the f*** goes through life like a moral rock all the time?”
            I wont deny that at some point I met people that could be a potential “lifechanger” – I just never acted on it, because I had made a commitment to the person I was with; there was no doubt in my mind any moment…
            To qualify me (or others) as “proper and decent on matters of love and sex” is a bit out of line, I believe; you know by now that I (can) make a very clear difference between sex and love – that I have no problem at all having sex with whoever I want, whenever I want – as long as I AM single and so is the other person.
            The very instant I (we) make a commitment… I am in to stay. FAITHFUL AND COMMITTED. Period. Simple as that.

            So I may be a fucked up in other things, but in this subject… I have never cheated… and I have no intention to do so.

            Like I said many times: before the shit hits the fan… I am out.

            December 1, 2010
            • Okay, so Arthur had me laughing my ass of with his “superwomen’ comment, but to some extent, I will accept that. Here is why; maybe I am above average in the fact that in the 17 years I have been with He Who Loves All Things Wicked, I have encountered countless men who were terribly interesting, sexually attractive or even potentially could have drawn me in due to the mutual interests we shared. In each of those instances, because I am a married woman who loves her husband, I made a choice to remove myself from potential situations with these men where we could be alone or I could find myself being tempted in any way. I chose, from the start, to put my relationship first. Thus avoiding the “temporary insanity”.

              December 6, 2010
            • Arthur Park #

              Lets have a heart to heart, Wicked 😉

              Gabriel Garcia Marques wrote this Love in the Time of Cholera in -85, also filmed (not a very good movie, but the book was awesome). He stated that during a long relationship, one will meet (everyone will) someone that turns your life around.

              It is, if one has lived a bit, and is open for impulses outside the married bubble, true.

              I did that, I cheated, and it was probably my biggest loss, and the result was shame, guilt, and it was awful to see what pain it caused for my ex wife and for my sons. This is no excuse, of course, that I felt shitty. I believe it would have happend one way or another – the phrase “growing apart” (is it correct in english?) applied.

              My ex got over it long before I did myself. She used 18 – 20 months before she got back in the saddle again. My sons managed after raging for some time.

              I refuse to be marked as a cheater anymore. It’s some seven eight years ago, and people are able to change. I have walked in those shoes, been temporary mad (w:out those “s) – and i have learned that the way it happened, was wrong.

              This does not mean that I support cheating – a lot of men will do it (and women) just because they are able to, and want to. The tricky one, is when you meet the one that Mr. Marques refers to.

              December 6, 2010
  5. I must say, cheating is a selfish and cowardly act. If you have found someone else, you leave the one you are with…..FIRST. If you no longer have feelings for the one you are with, you leave them. Cheating is an act of cowardice and selfishness. Sorry, Arthur, I just see that as a simple matter of truth.

    Kelly, you and your axe come right on down.

    December 1, 2010
    • I couldnt had said it better, Shawn…
      BTW: sending DYS snipper… just in case 😀

      December 1, 2010
  6. dufmanno #

    No one is perfect but I think watching the pain and anguish of someone who has had this happen to them influences how I feel about it.
    The situation also matters. Is it a young adult who’s in college experimenting away from her boyfriend? Or a married father of four who just needs a little excitement? Perhaps opportunity does play a huge part in the equation but I would hope most people would stop for a moment and see with clarity what they have before them and what could potentially be lost.
    The idea of wounding another person by betraying their trust is a sore subject that is incredibly hard to talk about because of all the different emotions and history that might come along with it.

    December 3, 2010

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