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I absolute love sarcasm. I am a sucker for sarcasm and I believe it is my second language – in all the languages I speak.

I am also a sucker for punctuation, even though I believe I suck at using punctuation correctly. I am always up there and I love stuff like … or “ ” or !!! I am an intense person, so when I write, I try to write with the same intensity I talk.

My very favorite in punctuation are quotation marks: I love to use them! You may use italics to indicate sarcasm or irony also – well, I shouldn’t say that because I am a designer, and glossy and italics are like nail on a chalkboard, but I must recognize that sometimes, italics can do a softer job that quotation marks. But  quotation marks are absolutely my favorite.

sure you do...

Once in a while, you see people abusing the whole concept when they do these airpostrophes, holding up the index and middle fingers of both hands like Dr Evil to imitate quotation marks. I am more of a voice person, so I like to use sarcasm with my tone. Obviously, when writing, one can’t rely on voice, so quotation marks are a good solution.

I read some days ago this wom

an’s post where she injected sarcasm into the word friends to emphasize the negative though she had about them. She mentioned that these “friends” were not good “friends” because they weren’t paying enough attention to her. She meant that these “friends” were not really “friends”. My guess is that, “smart” as she is, she finally realized that these “friends” could care a flying shit about her. These “friends” are, truly, my best friends, so I didn’t hesitate a second to defend them, and at the end, my comment to the post got “mysteriously” removed – could it be because I used too many quotation marks?

When a man asks a woman: ‘is everything ok?’, and she answers “fine” the man knows that “fine” is way far from fine, and he may as well prepare for an escape route, because that “fine” is malice prepense.

But not all quotation marks are limited to sarcasm or irony. When a lover sends an SMS (at the time when the nightclubs push customers out instead of inn) asking ‘do you want some “company”?’, sarcasm or irony is the very last thing in his mind, and for that matter, neither is just “company”. Or when the girls see you sitting down funny and ask curiously if the handsome hero from town was all “that”, and you answer that it was “that” and with way more than “that”, they know that “that” was a good thing, and the sarcasm that will arise at some point after that and it will probably be related to some perfect male anatomy.

For all those ones fabulous people that you write… What is your favorite use of punctuation? The one you hate? The one that is misunderstood?

I think the elipses here add an extra bit of mystery. Perhaps the paint is about dry by now, but may become wet at any time.

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  1. camelicha #

    Well, my favorite exclamation mark,! !!! (I love the tone that gives the prayer), commas (you can write and write whatever you want) and the three little points suspence … leave much to the imagination …
    hehehe!! no es fantastico??

    October 27, 2010
    • You are as “high” as I am, carmelicha, so l am sure you use everything you have!!!

      October 27, 2010
  2. Arthur Park #

    I like these <> better than these “lorum” – and only when I’m ironic about numbers of exclamation marks, will I use more than one!!!!

    The three dots…

    It is as if you are making a relieff, something that freezes in an unfinished movement – hopefully – when you have a thaught, and you hope your reader finishes the (same) thaught for you.

    By the way, come Friday, I will give you “company”.

    October 27, 2010
    • I agree with you; I really like those those three dots …

      PS: to your “company” and to much, much more – I am really looking forward…

      October 27, 2010
  3. Tom G. #

    I suffer from excessive comma disorder, where I can’t help, but to keep placing unnecessary commas, in the middle of sentences, like I am pausing for breath, or something.

    October 27, 2010
  4. As always you write good. 🙂 Hope everything is aright with you and yours! =)

    October 27, 2010
  5. My favorite is to combine the use of the exclamation and question marks, (!!??) As if to state something in a sarcastic WTF tone. My least favorite is when Tom excessively uses comma marks and makes me hyperventilate when I keep pausing my breathing while reading his posts. It gets quite odd looks when I read his stuff in public. I am fairly certain he does it on purpose, just so anyone around us will think we are reading porn. 😉

    October 27, 2010
    • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! that was just fantastic!!! Yes, I am sure Tome “loves” that!

      I believe (!!??) fit you perfectly…

      October 29, 2010
    • Tom G. #

      @Wicked Shawn, I am impressed, that you have figured out, not only that I am doing, but also why I am doing it, but don’t blame me, just because, you like to watch midget porn at work. Blame Duffmano for that.

      October 29, 2010
  6. I totally agree. The random, but ever so delicately placed quotation marks around certain “words” can really create something extra special. I’ve always wanted to be painted with quotation marks around certain parts of my body. I think that could be funny. It’ll be a family heirloom.

    October 28, 2010
  7. i love long-winded parenthetical statements. that’s often where the juicy thoughts appear.

    also, fine is a four-letter F word in my house. when i ask my husband how i look and he responds, “fine,” you can rest assured that later when he asks me if everything is ok, i’m going to say, “just “fine.”

    October 28, 2010
    • you put it quite correctly: in discussions, the F word is the new description to “fine”

      October 29, 2010
  8. Lorelai #

    Hi B for S!

    Interesting post! I had thought about having it as one of my topics for my blogg (if I ever decide to continue, that is)
    I think that there is also a difference between figurative speech and sarcasm. Not every exagerate conotation is ironic or sarcasitic.

    So, well to answer your question … I do use figure language in my writing… this is a problem because not everyone is up to the same interprestation. I usually use the 😉 smily face so that ppl undertsand that I mean no harm … . A way of saying, please go and interpret what you just read.

    Another thing is that I am not good at gramatics. Well, to put it better: I do not want to be good at gramatics. I know the use of the idiom, I learned it, yet for me .. writing as I like.. (new punctuation, even creating new words) means freedom.

    I do belive that ppl learn the way things should be… smart ppl go beyond that. (and why not? bring the funny element into the equation) This dosen’t excludes writting. Does it?

    … 🙂 😉 s (yes, smilyes are the new grapichal punctuation ;)) !!!! All the way!

    #lovemyvanilla :))

    October 29, 2010
    • lorelai:

      first of all: where the fuck is that looooooooooooong waited blog?

      second: who the hell cares – really – how “perfect” the language can be? i have forgotten to write properly in Spanish and Catalan, French is a forgotten issue, i write Norwegian not better than a 5 year old, and the only thing l manage (barely) is English.

      That we make these mistakes wont help us pass exams, but makes us human , in a very fuck up – and cute – kinda way.


      October 29, 2010
  9. Lorelai #

    By the way sorry for so many spelling and grammar mistakes on the comment above…
    ….. jajajajaja 😉

    October 29, 2010
  10. Loreali #

    By the way, sorry for so many grammar and spelling mistakes on the comment above. jajajaja 😉

    October 29, 2010
  11. I think the semicolon is the most misunderstood. I’m trying to bring it back (like justin timberlake).

    love the tattoos

    October 29, 2010
  12. Arthur Park #

    I am so ready for you now, honey – without any <<'s

    October 29, 2010
  13. Martine #

    Hehe that “woman” is so pathetic:P … I definetly adore your sarcasm my dear;)

    November 2, 2010
    • I gotta go “there” and check if has been anything else going on… 😉

      November 2, 2010
      • Martine #

        hehe, and I promised to call you tonight but I have been so busy:P I do call you tomorrow… 😛

        November 3, 2010

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