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in just 6 days


Sex is the very FIRST thing on her mind.

She is a member of several dating websites, but she mostly finds her lovers all around her. The websites requires certain steps that make her impatient. Some exchange of prosa that makes no sense in her world to accomplish what she wants. Is not that she is promiscuous, or that she has some “male, father, or boyfriend issues”. Is just that she likes sex, she has a tremendous curiosity for men, and she just wants to satisfy that curiosity. Simple as that.

She is a smart and talented; not a pretty girl, not one of those bomb-shells you see walking around, but one of these women that can carry themselves with a tremendous self esteem. One of these women that make your head turn in a mix of wonder and admiration. Therefore, finding a lover is no eford for her.

Sex is the very first thing on her mind.

She doenst want any kind of attchments, neither. She is a student and working hard to get her PH, so a relationship is just an unthinkable right now – or at least, she tells herself. That truth is that she is not interested at all in comitt her body and soul to just one person.

Then she meets him, on a Saturday evening, in one of the websites.

They realize they are both in campus, and then she gets curious. She proposes meeting right away, she is in the mood for sex, but he is not able to meet until next Friday. Just in 6 days.

Now she is annoyed. It is Saturday evening and she is at home. She contemplates the possibility to take a taxi downtown and find somebody to fuck right on the spot, but laziness – maybe caused buy the couple of drinks she had, stops her.

Two hours later she wakes up with a hand massaging her inner thight and moving to the side of her panties. Fingers feel the little ribbon on the front of the fabric and pull it down. A hand slides down and while to fingers separate her lips, her middle finger presses gently her clitoris. now she is more in tune with her senses and open her eyes. A little light through the window allows her to see her body. The hand she has free pulls her t-shirt up and unveils a hard nipple. A soft pinch makes her moan. She is more eager now, her fingers playing, some pressing and rotating around her clitoris some pushing hard inside her sex.

She comes once, twice.  Now she is tired and she relaxes and fall sleep again. She wakes up like this some hours later and she pleases herself one more time.

The week ahead is busy. She remembers they will meet on Friday, but she is not excited: she is more curious that anything else. Monday goes smoothly but at the end of the day she calls one of her lovers. He is there in no time and fucks her right on the back of the door. This one she likes: he doesn’t ask questions – besides the important ones when having sex, he is a real good fuck and he knows how to please her.

She likes that. Men get too comfortable when sleeping together several times. Then the rules of the games change. Those men then become interested on her as a person, not just as a woman. They ask questions, they ask to go on a date, they poke around her apartment and “see” her. She doesn’t like that, for her privacy is her most sacred thing.

He is gone soon and she goes to bed. Tuesday morning she rushes to the bus stop and a guy bumps his umbrella against her. An apology and a longer then normal eye contact. They are on the same bus. None of them makes it to destination. One stop and she goes down to Starbucks, her eyes leading him. he follows and buys some coffee while she slides downstairs to the bathrooms. He follows and when he reaches down, he sees her ass exposed, her skirt up and her panties down, ready for him. he unzips his jeans and fucks her quietly, almost tenderly.

They both come almost instantly.

He begins some small conversation while she sips the coffee he bought. She is not listening, and in a blink she pulls her panties up, her skirt down and leaves him with his mouth open talking to himself.

The day goes by smoothly and decides to make it home early. An easy evening leads to a relaxing bath. Music, some wine, clearing disturbing thoughts… Minutes go by as the body floats peacefully in the warm water. A little caress on her belly, feeling the soft skin. A little more, on her breast. Her senses awakening slowly while both hands concentrate now on her skin, now resonating to the touch. As playful fingers find her sex, she pleases herself and orgasms in minutes; one more time before leaving the tub.

Wednesday is a very easy day; she is meeting the girls for drinks and gossip in a hip place in town. Some guys are there checking out but the girls concentrate on themselves. Well, somehow. She notices a tall, dark and handsome guy on the bar. He is with others Business suit and bag on the side. After the girls decide to leave, she approaches the bar with the excuse of a glass of water. A look leads to a smile, that leads to a more intense look. Exchange of polite conversation and business cards. He leaves tomorrow and wants to meet her before he checks out at lunch time.

“All right”, she says, and decides that this time, despite the intense desire invading her body, will wait until tomorrow.

The wait is as painful, she is filled with desired and counts the seconds to meet him. Several times in the middle of the night she wakes up finding her hands seeking pleasure. But she stops, denying herself any kind of release. At 12:30 she knocks on his room door. He opens with one hand and grabs her inside with the other. She nearly looses balance as he pushes her inn the bathroom. Clothes fly rapidly as he lifts her up to the sink and fucks her furiously. She peek in the mirror and gets more and more turn on. He is not kind, he is rough and sticks his nail on her skin. He is surprisingly verbal but not very kind on his words. She doesn’t care. He moves her violently, as if that one was his last fuck. She has never been with such a rough lover, but she is so incredibly horny from the build up in her body she almost faints when she orgasms. Once, twice, one more time.

When she comes home an strange feeling settles inn and she feel she needs a shower to get rid of it. It was as disturbing as arousing, she thinks as the water runs through her body.

That night she has weird dreams; she dreams about roughness, violence and sex, and she wakes up unsettled and unrested.

He has gone through the last detail to prepare for a perfect date. Absolutely everything. Food is almost ready and 3 different packs of condoms are in place. He is ready. He doesn’t know anything about her, he doesn’t know if he will get lucky or not, but just in case…

As she seats down and he prepares the dinner servings, she pushes slightly the plate and wine glass in front of her. He talks non-stop, excited, happy to have her there. She folds her arms and rests her head on them, eyes closing up. As he comes out of the kitchen with some penne alla arrabiatta, he finds her sleeping sweetly. He looks at her. She is so pretty. She looks so at peace…

In that moment he could marry her. Even if he doesn’t know her.

“Sex is the very LAST thing on her mind”

He tells himself.

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  1. Arthur Park #

    This is one of the best texts I’ve seen from you, Vanilla – disturbing, close, nerve, moist, restless.


    July 14, 2010
    • thank you Arthur… too many things bubbling inside – not all in a “bubbly” kind of way – but bubbly anyway.

      July 14, 2010
  2. um, wow. feeling very distracted right now. can i get a few more chapters?

    July 14, 2010
  3. I just love you. That’s all. I wish I were filthy rich and could pay you to sit and write all day long.

    thank you – wow 🙂

    Makes me want to go find a cute stranger.

    July 14, 2010
    • ok. woman, if there is one sexed up kitten here is you, missjenni! You know you got it going on!

      Barracuda in a pool of sharks, baby!

      July 14, 2010
  4. 🙂 This…….this brings back memories. A mixture of emotion with them.

    July 16, 2010
  5. Wow! Great visual, and I love the stirring of so many emotions.

    July 17, 2010
  6. I just love your style. I would never even think to write this way, and it’s so engaging. It’s like someone narrating over a scene in a movie.

    July 23, 2010

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