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love-language housekeeping

“With you, the love language I knew until now has no meaning, it just makes no sense. With you, I need to take all the words, all the syllables, all the vowels and consonants and make them brand new.

I want to take those words and bleach them first, and then wash them at 90Β°, so they become clean, immaculate. I want to let them dry under a warm afternoon sun and iron them carefully, with a delicate program and without steam, so there are crispy and soft at the same time.

I want to hang them carefully in a silk-covered hanger so there are ready to use on you as if there were used for the very first time.

Because you give a new meaning to love, to the language of love, to the love I feel for you…

… because I love you.”


AttentionWhore on the nicest thing a woman in love could EVER heard.


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  1. That is beautiful! Also, makes me gag, but just a little. πŸ˜‰

    June 14, 2010
    • Well not all can be rough stuff, right? (…or yes?)

      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      He is so damn sweet!!

      June 14, 2010
  2. Arthur Park #

    This was a poem I read ages ago, and I don’t remember the words – and I am a man, so I don’t read poems…

    Anyway, she’s lying there – and the only thing that illuminates her body, is the light from the night, and it casts lovely shadows. She is naked.

    How do you use words like “beautiful” and “gorgeous” all over again? How is it possible to love, like “forever” – because that is the nature of love, even if it turns out wrong more often than the opposite – and does ever words become dirty, used – “don’t say that (don’t do that), I know you said it to every other woman”.

    The words need cleaning. Like heart, like soul – we need to remove “sarcasm” and “cynicism”, or at least turn down the heat they carry – and replace it with something else.

    Every cynic in this world is – underneath all – a hopeless romantic – hoping that their cynicism will be proven wrong.

    It seldom does, but hope is allowed (maybe not in public, one has an image to uphold).

    How is my English working?

    June 14, 2010
    • Ahh… Arthur…

      I know I did “pimp” this up a little, so then I could make it a little more “mine” πŸ™‚

      your English is working fine BTW… among other things.

      El meu home


      June 14, 2010
  3. Your English is working wonderfully. More importantly, the meaning behind your English is spot on. There are times when you find yourself wishing you had reserved something, a word, a place, a sentiment, for just this time, this person. If only you had been aware that they would come along, if foresight had been with you and you could have known, you would have kept it just for them.

    Your meaning is flawless, your English is almost as flawless and you are charming. πŸ™‚ Sounds like the two of you had a nice weekend.

    June 14, 2010
    • nice, sista!
      we had an amazing weekend, WickedShawn: we have been at war, we two – now is time to lick our wounds and regain strength… until the next time!

      June 14, 2010
  4. I have no words…..

    …………….just 2…………….

    wow………………….and wonderful

    June 15, 2010
  5. Freckles #

    Aah, lovely words as always πŸ™‚ Hugs πŸ™‚

    June 15, 2010
  6. takk frekles!

    Done with school? ready for vacation?

    June 15, 2010
  7. Freckles #

    No vacation on me this year I think. Lots of things to sort out the next few months. I’m dreaming big tho.. Only time will tell if I fail πŸ™‚

    June 15, 2010
  8. I think all husbands and male heterosexual partners have all been put on notice. The Valentine’s Day card that you got at the liquor store as an after-thought as you paid for your 6-pack? Ain’t gonna cut it any more!

    June 17, 2010
  9. Holy shit. How have I only just now found out about you?


    June 19, 2010
  10. Aww! Great story!
    You have a lot of fans on here, don’t you! Lucky! I love how romantic your stories are…I can understand why you like mine. Hehe. Keep up the good work!

    July 14, 2010
  11. thanks, dennisfinocchiaro!
    plenty in storage πŸ˜€

    July 14, 2010

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