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shit faced in Shankville


Apparently, getting shit faced with gin or vodka – or some other “lady drink” – was perfectly ok, as long as you did easy up with the whiskey.

vodka – ok
gin – ok
methylated spirits – ok
ALL THESE combine with KLONOPIN and THORAZINE – absolutely!

– How´s life in Shankville, bitch?
– As usual, drunk and full of pills.
– Perfect, let´s go to Wallmart stoned!

Let me put on my pointy bra and shake you a martini, darling.
C´mon! it is soft whiskey (whatever that means)
Is not that you have to swallow

… Oh hell! maybe you do – it says it not hard.

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  1. OMG!! Too funny! I love whiskey!! I love it hard, smooth, fast and in a glass (get your mind out of the gutter ffs!!)

    May 22, 2010
    • he he he..

      l was in a a bar last week where they served whiskey JUST in one of those little tiny glasses…

      l felt so indredibly stupid holding it.

      – can l “please” have a non-gay glass?
      – nope. Man she was such a bitch.

      Ahhhh… my money ain´t good there no more…

      May 22, 2010
  2. LOVE. THIS.
    Pointy bras and martinis? I am IN!!

    May 24, 2010
    • 😉
      what women were back then be without booze and/or pills?

      May 24, 2010
      • Um… Where would we be today? lol

        I’m not a pill popper- but take my vodka away and look out. My life is too stressful right now to face sober.


        June 2, 2010

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