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how to become bilingual in few easy steps

H- hi love
SH- god morning
H- what do you want to do?
SH- dunno
H- do you want to go for a walk?
SH- mm..ok
H- we can go to town
SH- mm..ok
H- what are you in the mood for?
SH- it´s indifferent to me.
H- you know what l am in the mood for?
H- can we…
SH- l didnt have my coffee yet
H- l wil serve it to yo, my dear.
SH- no, you never do it like l like it.
H- l do something you like
SH- laundry, yes
H- no, something else
H- oh c´mon, l am dying here
SH- didnt you want to go for a walk?
H- eh… yes…
SH- l thought you wanted me more then the walk
H- no, l didnt.. eeh.. wait…
SH- you never pay attention to me
H- but if l didnt… say… wait a second, l just wanted…have s…
SH- we never do anything toguether anymore
H- yes! l wanted to have sex, go for a walk and then to town… just from the top of my head!
SH- it´s all about what you want: you, you you…
H- ok. l need to go out.
SH- fine
H- where is my fucking jacket?
SH- next to your regular one
H- my what?
SH- nevermind

(cell ringing)

H- why am l alone?
SH- because you left. l miss you
H- l am coming home now
SH- l am waiting for you in the bedroom…
H- can we just hang out and talk?
H- eh… are you there?


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