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dear abby

Dear Abby,

I have been in a relationship for a couple of years that ended some months ago. The relationship had suffered for some months and my live-in boyfriend and l both agreed that it was better to break up. l came to realize that l still have feelings for him and l play my cards to let him know. He has moved on with another woman with whom he is really happy in love. That annoys me so much. He is a very good person and keeps in touch once in a while in a polite way but l do like to use these opportunities to “air” publicly our old affairs, like how he felt for me or how l felt for him when were together. Am l being pathetic?


Dear Christie,
yes, you ARE incredibly pathetic.

Did both of you agreed to end the relationship, so move on. Is he in love with another woman? respect that and move on. Because if you dont respect that, you will loose crediblitily and basically his respect too. You seem like a smart woman; is this how you want to be remember? lf he is in love with this other woman, move on. Cherish the moments you two had together and shut the fuck up. Your privacy is the past and it will not cause the effect you wish to get out of it. He belongs to her now, he is on her team, not yours. Stop playing victim also: that won´t work neither. lf she gets pissed off, be mostly sure that she will show you her claws and you may find yourself in a battle you will certainly loose. And he wont turn to you, either, he will stay on HER team and tune YOU out. No matter how nice of a person he can be. You have to remember that. So act your age, put your shit together, and move on.


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