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I love

l love…
l love water – to swim, to drink, to shower, to bath, to swim, to swim, to play
l love my childrens laugh – and more their cries for mama´s comfort
l love to use my arms as post-its and write all over
l love life
l love boyfriend
l love to send sms, and mms, and im, and every single way to digital communication.
l love to be a woman
l love design – l live to design
l love to write love notes on little papers
l love my mom´s kisses – and her potato omelette
l love my dad´s integrity – and his passion for football
l love my job – and be boss
l love to lick the chewing gum out of my nose when l blow bubbles
l love to draw silly cartoons on the other´s papers when we are in serious meetings
l love boyfriends hands
l love to wink
l love to clean
l love my sister´s crazyness
l love cotton underwear – and go sometimes “comando”
l love boyfriend going “comando”
l love kissing – and good kissing lips
l love my teeth
l love expensive shoes
l love my sense of humor – and how l can laugh of myself
l love to surprise
l love to laugh really loud and embarrass the people around
l love to kiss the pillow where boyfriend slept
l love to smell the pillow where boyfriend sweated like crazy when we…
l love my home
l love to hug my friends
l love the smell of fresh-cut grass
l love to squint my eyes at the sun
l love to hear the waves until l sleep on my parents beach-house
l love to know that my brother is my guardian angel and watches me from Heaven
l love to do my nails
l love stories about dragons – and about cats and mouses
l love to be touched
l love my own geekeness
l love to cook Sunday dinners for at least 9 people
l love to cook
l love the noise of boyfriend making breakfast
l love when boyfriend looks for my hand when we walk
l love…

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