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the black pearl


“For in my nature I quested for beauty, but God, God hath sent me to sea for pearls”
Christopher Smart

She surfaces and grasps some air: ”uff… That was… Oh my God!”, she thinks, heart pounding really fast, head a little dizzy. “Long and… so worth it!”, she smiles to herself.

Her hand is so tight on a fist that her nails are marking hard the inside of her palm. She looks at it. She smiles. She got it… She got it! She hesitates for a moment. The reality of what is in her palm begins now to sink. “Is this real?… Am l dreaming?” She wonders. She bends and nears her face to her hand, like feeling its presence through the flesh and bones and, slowly, opens it.

The sun shines on it with a million colors, erradiating warmth, beauty, love…

She has found a black pearl.

Despite she was born under an earth sign, she is more comfortable in water, under water to be exact. Nothing compares to the feeling of peace under water.

She takes a deep breath “aaahhhhhhh…… ”. Her chicks full of air, and down she goes. Sitting at the bottom, she floats in a sitting possition and observe curiously what swims along the way. Fishes go by, this kind, that kind, that other one. She smiles and sometimes shows her teeth. “Hello fish…” ”Hi to you too…”.

Down there, she plays – she feels.

“Blob, blob, blob, blob…” Release air in a million bubbles and go up. Grasp some air, think of what she just saw, what her brain experienced, what her heart felt.

“Aaahhhhhh…” Fills her chicks with air again; down again.

Nothing is like being underwater.

She remember she found pearls twice. White ones. Never the finding of a black pearl had crossed her mind – for that was like an impossible. The white ones were hard to find, already. These times she was looking for pearls, she found also some sharks. Sometimes these sharks came also with some buddy barracudas, making this pearl searching difficult and strenuous.

These white pearls were beautiful and eventually filled her life underwater enough, but unfortunately the sharks – or their buddies – robbed her these pearls and took them away. And even though the memory of those encounters scared her for life, at some point she just decided that she could be perfectly happy just being underwater, with no pearls.

Not looking for anything, just enjoying being there.

“Aaahhhhhh..” Fills her chicks with air again; down again; go down, float, play, listen – don’t listen.

“Hi Mr. Red fish; hi Mr. Blue fish…”

Not looking for anything.

Just enjoy.

Up again – bubbles….


And one day, one normal day, while she rests underwater, making waves with her arms, playing, watching the soft movements her hair dancing, she feels a presence.

An oyster shell looking at her. Defiant.


This one she is not familiar with. There is not recognition with this kind of shell… this is the shell of a black pearl! But…how? How could that be? How could she be this lucky? is she really lucky?

“Could l open you?” she is not sure. “Could l?” “Could l deal with you, with your beauty, with the weight you represent?”

She is not sure at all.


Pressure taking its toll.

She has as much time to asses the situation as air in her lungs, and before she knows it, a powerful rush takes her to surface surrounded by millions of bubbles. Fast, fast! Don’t think – no time to think… Take it, take it! Go!…

She surfaces and grasps some air. Still now she is not fully aware of the magnitude of her finding, but she is happy, as she has never been before.

Tight, inside her palm, lays a dream – her dream.

She has found a black pearl.

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