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the kiss


it doesn´t qualify as “a” kiss, but as “the” kiss…because is not a normal one, because it goes beyond vulgarity, because the intensity is so… intense that can not be measured… l feel invisible into you; l evaporate in your arms as you surround me with your love. my hands cripple with desire, part trying to control the ferocity of your own hands, part pulling you into my ocean of lust. l close my eyes as l dream of you, as l dream og me, me in relation to you. l dream of the air that l fight to gasp, air that l want, or not?. l need to take control.. or… should l just let you suffocate me with desire? what are you doing to me? why l cant fight you? why l dont want to fight you? it is just a kiss.. right? “let it go” you whisper “let me in.. let me in” and then you kiss me again…. and a cloud blinds me softly and l let it go, l let it go, and l disappear in you, and l feel.. l feel you.. l feel us… “take me” l say “kiss me”… as it all starts with a kiss.. with “the kiss”.

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